'The Other Side of Pain'

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Six Tuesdays from 13th October to 17th November  2020  7- 9pm UK


About this Course:


As a professional Life Counsellor serving hundreds of clients over the years I have become aware that the biggest block to our peace and happiness is our negative reactivity.  


The form this takes is judgemental thought followed by emotional pain, partly new and partly stored pain that has not been appropriately expresed.  It is stored in our bodies in our belly, solar plexus or heart centre depending on its nature.  It lies dormant until its particular triggers are experienced, then it causes chaos!


The pain takes us instantly away from our true selves, our sense of connection with others and with our source.  It feeds on our own pain and likes to trigger in others. I call this the 'painbody' using Eckhart Tolle's name for it; an aspect of the ego which can wreck our lives. Time to let it go...




New  Online Course

'The Other Side of Pain'

Passion Flowers

            The exciting news...

             is that I have evolved powerful and    effective ways to release emotional pain; techniques that, once mastered, can be used to quickly recognise and release our painful feelings and choose to think differently.


Have you noticed...

that all through the day you have moments of negative reaction?  Often quite severe, depending on the familiarity?  Some feelings take hours or even days to get through, some pass quickly.

Feelings like...

disappointment, defensiveness, depression, jealousy, guilt, resentment, fear, separateness, sadness, bitterness and many more.


You don't want these feelings do you...

you want to feel filled with love, joy and peace on your spiritual journey but you seem powerless to avoid them arising unbidden?


In this Course you will discover where these feelings come from, where they are stored and how you can let them go along with the hidden thought processes and catalysts that trigger them.  This is empowering indeed and is a miraculous breakthrough in our journey to oneness

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