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About Lia

      A wise, loving and inspiring  Life Counsellor,  Life Coach and Self-Development Teacher of many years standing, Lia has evolved a deeply satisfying and liberating way of  working.  She is  passionate and dedicated in her Counselling and Coaching where she enables her Clients to get quickly to the heart of their issues so they can move forwards effectively, growing in unconditonal love, understanding and self belief.


      Workshops and Retreats - Through her own stimulating way with spiritual teachings, Reflective Listening,  the bliss of chanting and meditation, the joy of creativity and expressive movement,  the peace of healing touch and sharing, Lia offers us a unique and exhilarating blend  of processes that takes us to unconditional love and oneness to illumine our way home.  





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 Lia draws deeply upon the teachings of  'A Course in Miracles', of which she is an experienced facilitator under the auspices of  the Miracle Network.  Her work is also enriched by her own profound realisations over her many years in the field.  She is passionate about serving others, being conscious and coming from the heart.